You can tell yourself “Job we’ll done!” when you post an AU gifset and people are asking what episode was it from.

Flashpoint AU (Part two):
After Boss’ jailbreak, the police intend to stop Team one gang once and for all. During one of the raids Spike gets shot which Boss considers to be the last straw and it leads to an open war between Team One and 15 Devision where no one will come out unharmed.

Flashpoint AU (Part one):

Team One is a well known bandit gang that no one can outsmart. When their leader “The Boss” gets captured they’ll do everything to get him out even accept help from other gang lead by “Milady”. Because they’re not just a gang. They’re a family.

Captain Hook + Making Amends

Anonymous sent:
I watched all Flashpoint in like 2 weeks. Although I loved the action parts and the cases in general I think the show lacked of characters developments. We dont see what makes them so close to each other,what makes Jules and Sam fall in love or Spike and Winnie,how Ed overcame his issues with his jobs. I think they could have done better

That’s why ending the show at season 5 was a mistake. When you focus on “case of the day” and not character development you need much more time than 5 seasons of 13 episodes a piece. 

I’d say that they were lousy with it in the last season, and I can’t say that about first 4 seasons though, cause I saw a steady development of Jam, Greg’s issues, Ed’s struggle, Spike’s growth and all, but in s5 Winnie is suddenly in love with Spike, Ed once again struggles with PTSD and Jam are making babies and proposing behind the camera…

The show is action-focused, but you can’t forget about the characters, which I think they did nicely in first 4 seasons, when they also used cases that the Team worked on to help the characters of show us who they are (look at freaking Blue on blue episode or Acceptable risk)… 

I want more episodes cause they have so much more to tell!

Anonymous sent:
What makes you think they were tired of the show?

It’s an overall impression I got from season 5, like they weren’t trying hard, desperate to get to the big finale as fast as they can. It’s my subjective opinion but I really feel like they flew through season five and Keep the Peace was the only thing important about it. 

Captain Hook + Pretense